BeHogan is the website of painter / artist Brian Hogan. Working in Brooklyn and Patchogue , Brian is studying the effects of time on our culture and by cross referenceing the human form and the natural enviroment how it relates to our evolution.

Site is be worked on so click on the sampling of images below and go to Brian's blog (click) to view more work and info!

End of December 2011

As the close of the year is upon us I am getting settled into the new studio and preparing for a long and productive winter.

After a year and a half of show after show I look forward to taking the beginning of 2012 to step back and and look at all the projects I have been working on and plan for the future. This has also to do with renovations I want to work on in my new studio. The building dates back to the 1920's and needs to be updated some to meet my growing needs. This is an exciting time where I can design and build a space to fit my current and future projects with in this beautiful structure.

Stay tuned to my blog and check back for the new website. Hope the weather treats you well and please contact me with any inquires. Also I am still taking requests for commissions , so keep them coming